Photography Tours

Our photography tours are based on enabling you to get the best photographic shots of St Andrews, accompanied by helpful tuition and advice, from a professional photographer, in the field.

Each tour is different, depending on the prevailing lighting and weather conditions and the time of year. Normally you can expect to be out for around 3 or 4 hours.

To ensure that you get as much attention as possible each tour will have a maximum of 4 participants. If you would prefer to have a one on one session with Stuart, again we are happy to arrange this, although there would be a single supplement surcharge. Whilst we aim to visit as many quality locations as possible during each tour, we also ensure that participants have the time to absorb their surroundings and learn how to fully ‘work’ a location.

Tours can be organised around your schedule and can be morning, afternoon or evening. Capturing St Andrews at sunrise or sunset can create dramatically different photographs.

Price: Tours (up to 4 hours) cost £35 per person with a maximum of 4 participants per tour.

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Larger groups can be arranged if required, please contact us to duscuss your requirements.

Family Photography Tours

We also offer family photography tours on demand. We suggest that these are suitable for children aged 8 and over but are happy to discuss individual requirements. The family tours are similar to our mainstream tours but are tailored for children. The family tours last approx 3 hours. The cost of a family tour is £90 for 2 adults and up to 4 children (16 or under).

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What do you need?

A camera is is the only requirement. Having a SLR (digital or film) is preferred but point and shoot cameras are just fine. A good camera does not make a good photographer. The best camera is the one you have.

Appropriate clothing, St Andrews weather can be unpredicable at best and rain is not uncommon. It also gets very cold and windy in the winter so the advice is be prepared, bring more rather than less, you can always take off extra layers if need be. We’re going to be walking alot, so suitable sturdy footwear is also reccommended.

Reccommeded camera kit:

  • DSLR camera – Digital is preferred as you can immediately see your shots and have the ability to delete unwanted photos.
  • various lenses, wide angle and zoom – We will be covering many different types of shots and being able to change lenses is an advantage.
  • sturdy tripod – This allows you to shoot long exposures and HDR shots if desired.
  • Flash (sometimes needed for night shooting or inside shots).
  • Remote trigger – not essential but a nice option to have.